Aggressive Behavior

 There are 16 types of aggression. A dog may fit into more than one category. With obedience Training and socialization all of these behaviors will get better.

1.Dominance aggression               9.Inter-female Aggression
2.Fear Aggression                           10.Animal Aggression
3.Passive Aggression                      11.Pain-elicited Aggression
4.Territorial Aggression                  12.Punishment Aggression
5.Predatorial Aggression                13.Redirected Aggression
6.Prey Aggression                            14.Maternal Aggression
7.Play Aggression                            15.Medical Aggression
8.Inter-male aggression                 16.Displaced Aggression                                                     
Dogs have feelings and emotions just as humans do. And just like humans, dogs must learn acceptable behaviors. Properly socializing your dog in all types of environments, with different people and other animals is the key to a happy dog and his family.
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