Samuel Brown Bio

Samuel Brown is a native New Yorker. At a young age he found a passion for dogs. He has always trained his own dogs and has dealt with all types of dog personalities.  He has worked at the Animal Medical Center, the Center for Animal Care and Control and  Veterinary Village Animal Health Center. He is a United States Marine Corp veteran. In the Marines he fostered 2 dogs, left by their owner. Samuel found a home for 1 of these dogs and the other he adopted. Her name was Jewels, a pitbull and husky mix. She changed his life forever. After getting out of the Corps he received his Bachelor's in Science. He then attended Anthony Jerone's School of Dog Training and Careers Inc. He graduated as a Master Dog trainer, a behavior specialist and a consultant for dogs. He believes that the love and connection of a dog cannot be duplicated in any other relationship in life. Dogs should enjoy their training. Dogs have unconditional love for their families and they deserve the same from their owners.
This dog is still missing.
If found please contact.